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MODEL DG1300 DG1500 DG2000 DG2500 DG3000 DG4000 DG5000
Rated Production Capacity 123 t/h 140 t/h 180 t/h 200 t/h 240 t/h 320 t/h 400 t/h
Cold Feeder Bin Number × Volume 4 × 10 m³ 5 × 10 m³ 5 × 10 m³ 5 × 10 m³ 5 × 18 m³ 6 × 18 m³ 6 × 18 m³
Dryer Drum Diameter Ø ø 1.9 m ø 1.9 m ø 2.2 m ø 2.2 m ø 2.5 m ø 2.8 m ø 3.0 m
Length 8.5 m 8.5 m 9 m 9 m 9 m 12 m 12 m
Fuel Type Diesel / Heavy Oil / Nature Gas / LPG / Coal
Drying Capacity
– Moisture Content 3% 170 t/h 170 t/h 220 t/h 220 t/h 300 t/h 390 t/h 450 t/h
– Moisture Content 5% 120 t/h 120 t/h 180 t/h 180 t/h 240 t/h 320 t/h 400 t/h
Bag House Dust Filtering Method (1st Stage) Pre-separator + (2nd Stage) Bag Filtering House
Main Tower Screening 4 5 5 5 5 6 6
Screening Area 10.1 m² 24.2 m² 24.2 m² 28.1 m² 38.4 m² 58.7 m² 69 m²
Hot Bin Quantity 4 + 1 5 + 1 5 + 1 5 + 1 5+1 / 6+1 6 + 1 6 + 1
Hot Bin Overall Volume 21 m³ 21 m³ 21 m³ 40 m³ 45 m³ 75 m³ 80 m³
Aggregates Weighing 1300 kg 1500 kg 2000 kg 2500 kg 3000 kg 4200 kg 5500 kg
Filler Weighing 130 kg 150 kg 200 kg 300 kg 400 kg 500 kg 800 kg
Bitumen Weighing 130 kg 150 kg 200 kg 300 kg 400 kg 500 kg 500 kg
Mixing Power 2 × 18.5 kW 2 × 30 kW 2 × 37 kW 2 × 45 kW 2 × 45 kW 2 × 55 kW 2 × 75 kW
Mixing Capacity 1300 kg 2000 kg 2000 kg 3000 kg 3300 kg 4200 kg 5500 kg
Filler Scaling & Feeding Vari-Frequency Screw, Compelled and Well-Distributed Feeding Design.
Bitumen Scaling & Feeding Dynamic 2-Stage Measurement, High Pressure Uniformly Spray.
Mixing 2 Horizontal Mixing Shafts, Dual-Motor Driven with Synchronous Reducer.
Control System • DGLeap Control System 2.0ontrol System 2.0 • Large Screen Industrial Computer • PLC Touch Screen HMI • Laser Printer • Air-Conditioned Control Cabin
Environment Index • Dust Density⩽20mg/Nm³ • Ringelmann Blackness Class 1 • Noise in Control Cabin ⩽70dB
The above specifications are for reference only. D&G Machinery reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design and improvement at any time without prior notice or obligation.
Copyright ©2013-2015 D&G Machinery

The Parts & Features

Cold Feeder System

std_coldfeederEvery hopper is equipped with belt convayor controlled by frequency convertors. The primary recipe can be delicate and the energy consumption is minimized. Bin-wall vibrators are mounted on wall of sand hoppers to ensure the materials feeding. A grill is to prevent oversize materials getting into the dryer drum. The feeder bin system is mounted with pulling switch for personnal safety.

Dry Drum System

std_drydrumThe drum body is designed for high efficiency and energy saving. The fully-automatic burner from Italy can have diesel, heavy oil and gas as fuel options.The steel plates of dryer blades are made of HARDOX400 from Sweden, which has high wear resistant and heat resistant.

Filler Silo

std_fillersiloStand alone for imported filler silo and recovered filler silo respectively are available. Stack-up type of two silos are also available. The fluidifying air system fixed in the cone section is made of silicon dryer, adjusting pressure valve, solenoid and air ejector, to avoid humping in the bin cone. The blowing time and the intermission time can be adjusted to ensure equable and continuous filler feeding.


std_mixingtowerThe arms are symmetrically crossed to ensure high-speed, effective and well mix quality. The liner boards, paddles and arms are made of high chromium and high molybdenum materials. They are easy to be adjusted and changed.

Vibrating Screen

std_screenDouble vibrating motors (for DG4000 and above is double horizontal shafts) and compulsory vibrating screen, the passing rate reaches 95%. 48-hour non-stop inspection with CSI digital vibrating tester (USA standard) is conducted before ex-works for every operating vibrating screen.

Weighing System

std_weighingBoth the aggregate and filler scales are weighing aggregate and filler in an accumulative method. The weighing hopper is a container with hot oil cladding to preserve heat and ensure the weighing accuracy. The weighing system will reckon the portion of aggregates against that of the asphalt and display the temperature of asphalt on the computer in the control cabin.

Bag Filtering House

std_dustcollectA special designed on Pre-separator is simple in structure and effective in separating the bigger size particles from the emission. The filter bags are made of DUPONT NOMEX material with high temperature resistant. The emission can be less than 20 mg/Nm³. Temperature sensors are installed to protect the filter bags from over-heated and moisture condensation.

Hot Storage Bin

std_hotstoragebinThe hot storage bin is designed to prevent final mixture from isolation.It is equipped with continuous level indicator, which is connected with acoustic and optical alert. The skip travels along the track driven by the frequency controlling windlass. On the track, there are upper/lower limit switches to ensure skip operates precisely and safely.

Control Room

std_controlsystemFully computerized control panel and HMI back-up system for high reliability. A 120-hour non-stop test is conducted for every control system to ensure problem free before ex-works. Reliable electronic components and PLC are applied to secure the performance of the plant. Remote control system can be setup for remote diagnosing and monitoring.

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