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D&G Machinery DG2000P Asphalt Mixing Plant in Peru

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D&G Machinery DG2000P Asphalt Mixing Plant in Peru

Issue Time:2022/08/15
Recently, a set of D&G Machinery DG2000P asphalt mixing plant has been installed in Peru after successful completion of commissioning. The equipment will be used for road construction projects in the surrounding areas. The customer has extensive experience in asphalt material production, road construction, road paving, special structure pavements, construction transportation, asphalt emulsion plants, logistics supply of road and construction materials.
In order to expand production, the customer decided to purchase another set of asphalt mixing plant. For most users of construction machinery and equipment in Peru, price is still an important influencing factor in the decision to purchase. However, for this customer, quality assurance and after-sales service are more important. The customer was very strict in selecting the asphalt mixing plant, which needed to have both low emission, stable performance and timely service.

The Malaysian customer turned his attention to China after multiple investigations and comparisons. In fact, before the cooperation, the customer had been paying attention to D&G Machinery for years. In view of D&G Machinery 's stable product quality and good customer reputation in the field of engineering mixing at home and abroad, the customer finalized the cooperation intention with D&G Machinery and purchased a set of D&G Machinery DG2000P asphalt mixing plant.

D&G Machinery DG2000P asphalt mixing plant adopts modular design. The equipment occupies a small area with strong site size adaptability. After the formal operation, the annual output of asphalt mixture is expected to reach 250,000-300,000 tons, which can effectively improve the quality of local municipal traffic pavement construction.