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RAP Modification

D&G Machinery is the first manufacture in China to develop asphalt recycling plant and export the products to advanced countries such as Australia and Singapoe. It has full range of 10-50% of RAP and various types of eco-friendly asphalt recycling plant with high-end configurations. The product designs adopt the international standard and are in line with the specific requirements of working conditions in users' countries.

D&G Machinery provides customers with full support in terms of equipment and construction application in order to offer customers with comprehensive solution to the project, as well as to provide equipment modification service upon their request.

D&G Machinery offers the foam bitumen generator,double drum recycling and recycling ring recycling solutions to customers. Its double drum recycling plants have already been exported to Russia and its recycling ring recycling plants are being used in India.

  • 1. RAP Feeded to Mixer Directly:
    RAP feeder —> RAP elevator —> RAP surge hopper—>RAP metering and weighing-mixer

  • 2. RAP Feeded to Mixer Tower Through Elevator:
    RAP Feeder —> Metering Belt Conveyor —> Elevator —> Mix Tower (Screening-Weighing-Mixing)

  • 3. RAP Ring Upon Drum:
    RAP Feeder-Metering —> Belt Conveyor —> Ring Upon Drum —> Elevator —> Mix Tower(Screening-Weighing-Mixing)

  • 4. RAP Drum:
    RAP feeder —> RAP Drum —> RAP surge hopper —>RAPmetering-mixer

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