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Bitumen Decanting Machine

Bitumen Decanting Machine

Bitumen Decanting Machine
Bitumen Decanting MachineBitumen Decanting MachineBitumen Decanting MachineBitumen Decanting Machine
CategoriesBitumen Melting Machine
BrandD&G Asphalt Plant Manufacturer
ModelMultiple Models
The temperature of bitumen(℃)130-160
Amount(pail/per vehicle)24
Capacity of bitumen(m3)12
Asphalt pump(m3/h)27
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeDec 2,2023
Detail Information
Bitumen Decanting Melting Machine D&G Machinery manufacturer China
Bitumen Melting Machine

Bitumen Melting Machine is specially designed to decant and heat up drummed asphalt. It is mainly composed of main body, hot oil coil, asphalt pump assembly and filtering system. This type of device not only greatly save energy sources and men power but also perfectly protect environment. It is the best choice for road construction. With the pursuit of product performance, D&G MACHINERY have obtained a number of invention patents and new utility patent, and we have won unanimous praise in the industry.

Product Features:

1. Lifting

Lift the barrel by hoist, move the barrel transversely and put it on the turnover device with opening up.
2.Turnover Device

In the previous time, after opening the barrel, we need to turn over the barrel by manual and bitumen dripping results in waste and pollution when move the barrel with opening down to the sling way.
But after adopting bitumen barrel turnover technology, the machine drastically reduces the labor intensity and avoids dripping during transferring.
3.Collecting Disk

After the barrel turned over by the turnover device, a few of liquid bitumen dripping from the barrel will be collected by the bottom disk and spilled into the melting tank automatically through a small hole.
4.Bitumen Barrel Plate

The hydraulic pusher does NOT push the barrel directly, but push the bitumen barrel plate with square shape, avoiding big resistance, unsatisfactory progress and deformation of barrel and rail.
5.Protecting Environment

Closed-construction and minimum pollution. It can thoroughly melt the bag asphalt and ensure the minimum waste of asphalt. This closed structure is environmentally friendly.
6.High Reliability

Using turnover device to pull barrels, rather than manual work, without leakage.
Using reinforced & sliding tracks to avoid distortion.
Using spring doors to reduce heat loss.
Hot oil heater equipped with burner can be separated with or combined into decanter.
Product Parameters

The temperature of bitumen(℃)
Amount(pail/per vehicle)
Capacity of bitumen(m3)
Asphalt pump(m3/h)
Total power of electrical(kw)
Total weight(t)
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