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D&G Asphalt Plant Products

D&G MACHINERY is highly recognized by customers as the leading manufacturer in asphalt mixing plant industry for series of standard, recycling, container module, mobile, monoblock recycling and environment - friendly products with capacity from 80tph to 400tph.

China's Premium Asphalt Plant Manufacturer

D&G MACHINERY provides full range & upmarket asphalt plants which rank the top one in China.

About D&G Asphalt Plant

D&G MACHINERY, Established in 1999, is a fully owned subsidiary of D&G Technology Holding Company limited(stock code 01301. HK), is one of the leading manufacturers and a total solutions provider in asphalt mixing plant and road material processing industry. We have over 150,000㎡ basement with production capacity of over 80 sets plants annually. D&G MACHINERY provides full range & upmarket asphalt plants which rank the top level all over the world.With strong and professional R&D and dedicated service teams,D&G MACHINERY is highly recognized by customers as the leading professional manufacturer in asphalt mixing plant industry as well as RAP application field.

D&G Asphalt Plant Project Cases

D&G have a special service team for whole life cycle from installation, commissioning to the end of the every construction project. Besides expert service team we have sufficient spare parts stocks at local. Thanks to the widespread distributor network, clients can find us or our partner at your location. ​7×24 after service call and service center at local. We are committed to serving customer all time.
RussiaD&G Asphalt Plant Erection Completed Within 18 days

The DGC2500 asphalt mixing plant has a full container design which is a new innovation. This can not only be beneficial to transportation, but also be good for relocation and installation. The whole process becomes simpler, faster and more economical.

CameroonD&G Asphalt Mixing Plant Located in Cameroon, Africa

125t/h asphalt mixing plant, simple and essential: the perfect plant for clients who need to produce asphalt and complete laying operations in the shortest time possible, wherever the delivery site location may be.

Hong KongD&G Asphalt Mixing Plant Helped the Development of Hong Kong

DGM1500 (120 T/H) was set up on the island in June, 2017 to supply asphalt mixture for building the road on the HKBCF. The project was completed in the 2nd quarter of 2018 with about 200,000 ton of mixture provided by the DGM1500.

ThailandD&G Asphalt Mixing Plant Got Customer's Praise in Thailand

The DG1500, 120t/h stationary batch type asphalt mixing plant is the most popular type among all types of asphalt plants, it is design in top quality to ensure the best performance and price ratio. It is the ideal choice not only for highway construction but also for other freeway maintenance task.

D&G Asphalt Plant Service & Support

D&G offers its clients a dedicated team that can be capable of offering solutions and consultancy.

D&G Asphalt Plant Clients

D&G asphalt mixing plant are keeping advanced technology and high performance for the rigid requirement on road construction. That’s why our clients choose us.