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Batch Type Asphalt Mixing Plant

Batch Type Asphalt Mixing Plant

DG-PM Batch Type Asphalt Mixing Plant
DG-PM batch type asphalt plant, also called bitumen batching plant, has complete product lineup including stationary, mobile asphalt batch mix plant and continuous drum mix plant. Thanks to the modular design it can be proper for some tight space with fully functions. Accurate control system, fast responding active and stable quality can satisfy almost all customer's need in more economical way. It designed and manufactured in accordance with Europe quality standard with CE&EAC certification. The asphalt plants adopt the top-class components to ensure the running stability and long service life.
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Asphalt Batch Plant Advantages
1. They offer the highest level of flexibility in production.

2. They manufacture a very high-quality finished product due to the accurate measurement of each batch produced.

3. Batch size and production capacity can vary based on the designs of the plants themselves.

4. Due to the intermittent production process, plant operators can easily switch back and forth between different mix recipes if necessary.
Benefits of Investing in an Asphalt Batch Mix Plant | Bitumen Batching Plant
Efficient operation – Customers want better technology and efficient operation. The same will help them stay ahead of the competition. When the operation is automatic, it will involve less human interference. This will help reduce errors and increase efficiency. When the operation is automated it is possible to customize as per our requirements.

Environment protection – Batch mixing plants come with bag filters for pollution control. This helps us reduce the impact on the environment. 

Safety first – Safety should be top priority for people working with the asphalt mixing plants. This is a long term – big investment in safety.

More precision – When precision is more, there are many direct as well as indirect advantages. One of them being less material wastage, better quality, less fuel usage, better end product. All this ultimately leads to better control over quality thereby increasing profits.

Quality end product – The quality of end products is what we strive for. 
How to Choose Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
The Working of an Asphalt Batch plant is as Follows: 
The cold aggregate feeder bins store and supply cold aggregates to the drying drum. The drying drum removes the moisture from the aggregates so that they can bind easily with the bituminous material. Once the aggregates are heated and leave the drying drum, they are transferred to a vibrating screen where they are separated and stored in separate compartments as per the required sizes. The size of the screens and the number of screens may vary from asphalt plant to plant – the screens help in the accuracy of the selection of materials before mixing, ensuring consistent quality of the finished products. The storage compartments used to store the different aggregate sizes are known as hot bins. The aggregates, the bitumen and filler material are weighed separately and introduced into the mixing unit. The mixing unit is a twin shaft batch mixer designed to mix the weighed aggregates, bitumen and filler material. At the end of the mixing process, the bottom gate of the mixer opens and the materials are loaded onto the waiting trucks or into storage silos. Asphalt suppliers reach the asphalt at the required project site.

Type of Projects and Production Requirements
The foremost criteria to decide on the right asphalt batch plant is the project planning and long term production requirements that need to be satisfied with the plant. The type of projects determines the production of different products, production quantity and quality, and even the location of the asphalt plant.

Location – Stationary or Mobile
It would be ideal to go for a stationary asphalt batch plant, if the project is there for a few years – the cost of transportation will be less than the cost of mobilization. However, if the project requires moving the project sites a few times a year, a mobile Asphalt Batch plant is worth considering. To be noted is the fact that a mobile Asphalt plant is more expensive than a stationary one.

Size of Asphalt Batch Plants
The size of the Asphalt plant is totally dependent on the production and the product mix that is required for the type of projects envisaged.

Plant Customization
The ability to customize asphalt plants is another important criterion for choosing the right Asphalt plant. Though the asphalt batch plant provides a varied product mix, it is very important to consider the best return on investment in the future. This would require that the plant allows for customization to vary the product mix according to changing product requirements. 

Skilled Workmen
The level of skill availability is an important factor to be considered while determining the complexity of the Asphalt plant. Highly skilled workmen – both for production and maintenance – are required if the Asphalt plant is technology driven and highly automated.

Maintenance and After Sales Support
Asphalt Batch plants are batch driven and in constant production. Even the smallest disruption in production can cause project disruptions and economic loss. Maintenance is thus an important part of the overall production process. Availability of after-sales-support from manufacturers, ready availability of spare parts, availability of skilled maintenance personnel, and the costs associated with it are important factors in keeping the Asphalt plant running.

New Plant or a Used One?
Buying a new Asphalt Batch plant or a used one is a decision made after a thorough cost-benefit analysis. The parameters discussed above are to be considered even for a used Asphalt Batch plant.

The Final Decision
Asphalt plant manufacturers can be of great help when it comes to helping choose the right kind of asphalt Batch plant. Opt for the one who would listen to your requirements, walk you through the available options and guide you to make the best choice.
DG-PM Asphalt Batch Plant Applications
Stationary Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant
Type: Batch Mixing, Stationary Plant 
Plant Location: Bengal
Model: DG1300PM
Capacity: 105t/h
Stationary Asphalt Batch Plant
Type: Batch type, Stationary Asphalt Plant
Plant Location: Thailand
Model: DG1500PM
Capacity: 125t/h
Stationary Asphalt Batch Plant Application
Type: Batch Mixing, Stationary Plant 
Plant Location: Cameroon
Model: DG2000PM
Capacity: 160t/h

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