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Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt Mix Plant Manufacturer
Asphalt batch mix plants are the most widely used type of asphalt plants. Batch mix means there is a time interval between two mixing batches. Usually, batch cycle is 40 to 45s.Asphalt batch mix plants produce high quality asphalt mixture for all grades of road pavement /rehabilitation and all sizes of asphalt production. Furthermore, they can be tailored as clients special requirements.

D&G Machinery manufactures several types of asphalt batch mix plants with capacity from 105-400t/h,including Modular Series ,Containerised Series,Transformable Series and RAP Series.
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How Many Types/Kinds of Asphalt Mixing Plants

1. According to the mixing type, there are two types of asphalts plant:

(1)Asphalts Batch Mix Plants

Asphalt Batch Mix Plants is an asphalts concrete plants with batch mix, which is also known as the discontinuous or intermittent type asphalts concrete plants.
Mix type: Batch mix, with mixer
Batch mix means there is a time interval between two mix batches. Usually, batch cycle is 40 to 45s

(2)Asphalts Drum Mix Plants

Asphalt Drum Mixing Plants is an asphalts concrete plants with drum mix, which is also called continuous mixer plants.
Mix type: Drum mix, without mixer

2. According to the transport type, there are also two types of asphalts plants:

(3). Mobile Asphalts Mix Plants

Mobile Asphalt Plant is an asphalts plants with transport frame chassis which can move convenient, which is also named portable type asphalts concrete plants, features with modular structure design and transport frame chassis, lower cost of transportation, lower area and cost of installation, fast and easy installation, deeply sought by customers who have many need transport from one project to another project. Its capacity range 10t/h ~ 160t/h, ideal for small or middle types of projects.

(4)Stationary Asphalts Mix Plants

Stationary asphalt mix plant is a machine without mobile frame chassis, with characteristics of stationary, batch mix, precise aggregate batching and weighing; classic model, wide application, highly cost-effective, best-selling. Its capacity range 60t/h ~ 400t/h, ideal for middle and big projects.

Main Components of Asphalt Batch Plants:

The asphalts plants are mainly composed of the following parts:
1. Cold aggregate supply system
2. Drying drum
3. Burner
4. Hot aggregate elevator
5. Dust collector
6. Vibrating screen
7. Hot aggregate storage hopper
8. Weighing and mixing system
9. Filler supplying system
10. Finished asphalts storage silo
11. Bitumen supplying system.

Working Process of Asphalt Batch Plants:

1.Cold aggregates feed into Drying drum
2. Burner heating the aggregates
3. After dried, the hot aggregates come out and enters the elevator, which transports them up to the Vibrating screen system
4. Vibrating screen system separate the hot aggregate to different specifications, and store in different hot aggregate hoppers
5.Precise weighing of the aggregate, filler and bitumen
6.After weighing, the hot aggregate and filler are released to the mixer, and the bitumen will be sprayed in the mixer
7.After mixed for about 45 seconds, the final mixed asphalts is discharged into the waiting truck or the special finished asphalts storage silo.


There are many factors needing to be taken into account when you endeavor to choose the best asphalt mixing plant, such as your project's properties, your procurement budget, capacity, the model of hot mix plants for sale, etc., each one of which has a huge impact on the final decision so that each one needs to be considered twice.

Whichever Asphalt Mix Plant Suits You Is The Best

When choosing an asphalt mix plant, the one with high-capacity, the top-of-the-line configuration is not the best, and the one that suits you most is the best!
Capacity of asphalt mix plant should suit the scale of your project.
Batch type or drum type, which one meets your project quality requirements most.
Stationary type or mobile type, which one suits your project characteristics most.
Procurement budget should be appropriate for your project cost.
The overall size of asphalt mix plant should suit your site area.
Removal effect of the dust collectors should meet your local environmental protection requirements.
The fuel used in the burner should be suitable for your energy accessibility and cost budget.

5 Steps To Help You Choose Asphalt Mix Plant

step 1.Determine the use and type of asphalt mix plant according to project requirements
step 2.Determine the capacity of asphalt mix plant according to the project scale
step 3.Determine whether it can meet local road construction standards and environmental protection and energy saving requirements
step 4.Take budget and cost-effectiveness of asphalt mix plant into account and determine price range
step 5.Determine asphalt mix plant manufacturer after multi-dimensional inspection

Pay Attention To These Problems Around Asphalt Mix Plant Itself

After strategy and steps of choosing an asphalt mix plant are understood, some key issues surrounding the plant itself need to be considered. Here are some examples of key issues:

1. What fuel is used in the burner?

There are 3 kinds of fuel,coal, gas and oil. In general, you need to consider fuel supply issues in terms of both convenience and cost. Which fuel is more convenient to get, which fuel is cheaper and more cost-effective to use, your answer to these questions should be the reason why you customize the burner at the manufacturer.

2. How to deal with waste powder?

The waste powder is discharged directly from the external discharge port of the dust collector, and it is easy to pollute the surrounding environment. The recycling of waste powder is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also effectively saves resources. JJW series, JNW series asphalt mix plant can collect waste powder in a concentrated way, humidify and stir, and finally discharge into a special dust collection room, waiting for reuse.

3. How to configure the dust collectors?

Asphalt drum mix plant generally uses a cyclone dust collector, and the one with a larger capacity (greater than 40pth)is equipped with water dust collector,which has limited environmental protection effects. You can ask the manufacturer to equip an advanced baghouse filter on asphalt drum mix plant. Asphalt batch mix plant is equipped with a volute dust collector and a baghouse filter, which can better deal with dust pollution problems. JJW series and the JNW series have the best environmental protection effects due to their two more baghouse dust collectors.

4. How to choose the asphalt supply method?

Bitumen supply method is relatively rough in some countries or regions, some dig a pit on the ground for containing bitumen,some others use a barrel or a large tanker, which not only does not save energy, but also cause low quality of finished mixture.Asphalt mixing plants manufactured by Liaoyuan Machinery adopt asphalt tanks, which can continuously maintain tempreture to ensure that the bitumen is in a liquid state by directly heating or heat transfer oils.The temperature is controllable,and the process is energy-saving and the finished mixture comes out with high-quality.

5. Do you need additives?

Some projects require the use of additives such as mastic, asphalt mix plants appliable for these projects require an external powder system. No need if the projects have no such requirements.

6. Which control system do you choose?

There are two kinds of human-computer interfaces for you to choose freely, such as computer and touch screen. They all adopt PLC control system to realize manual or semi-automatic control. It is convenient and intuitive to operate, saves operating costs and has high safety.You can specify which brand of PLC control system to use on your asphalt plant.