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Asphalt Plant Equipment

Asphalt Plant Equipment
We are a professional Asphalt Plant Equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Also we supply OEM service of products for you.
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Does Asphalt Plant Equipment and Parts Need to Be Replaced?
Asphalt plant equipment can be expensive, but unfortunately the equipment doesn't last forever. In an asphalt plant, a lot of complex equipment and machinery are required to produce the asphalt that we use to build roads.

It's necessary to inspect your asphalt plant equipment regularly to prevent major problems. The main locations to look at are dryers and baghouses, but it's also important to look for wear and tear in less common places. Analyzing the status of elevators and how materials are moving can avoid problems that lead to downtime.

A maintenance and repair program is an important part of an asphalt plant's preventative approach. Especially when a key component has an irreparable failure or is too old, it needs to be replaced with a new component in time to avoid a decrease in efficiency or a safety accident.

D&G Machinery focuses on the design and manufacture of asphalt mixing plants, providing one-stop professional solutions according to different application requirements. We provide various key equipment for asphalt mixing plants, including modified bitumen systems, decanter bitumen melting systems, additive injection systems, emulsion bitumen systems, and much more.
Why Choose D&G Asphalt Plant Support Equipment?
1. D&G Machinery provides various support equipment for different asphalt plants, and provides equipment retrofitting service according to our customer's requests, helping asphalt producers keep up with changing industry standards.

2. According to the working environment of different projects and the specifications of different asphalt mixing plants, we provide customers with asphalt plant equipment with the most reasonable design and the highest economic benefits, so as to reduce loss, prolong service life and reduce costs.

3. We provide customers with after-sales services, including installation guidance, operation and maintenance training, spare parts replacement, and much more.