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DG-PM Asphalt Mixing Plant

DG-PM Asphalt Mixing Plant
DG-PM Asphalt Mixing PlantDG-PM Asphalt Mixing PlantDG-PM Asphalt Mixing PlantDG-PM Asphalt Mixing PlantDG-PM Asphalt Mixing Plant
CategoriesBatch Type Asphalt Mixing Plant
BrandD&G Asphalt Plant Manufacturer
Rated capacity105t/h-160t/h
Dust collectorPrimary gravity+ Bag filter
Place of originChina
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeMarch 28,2023
Detail Information
  • Product Features
  • Product Components
  • Product Parameters
PM Asphalt Mixing Plant105t/h-160t/h

PM batch type asphalt plant has complete product lineup including stationary, mobile asphalt batch mix plant and continuous drum mix plant. Thanks to the compact design it can be proper for some tight space with fully functions. Accurate control system, fast responding active and stable quality can satisfy almost all customer's need in more economical way. It designed and manufactured in accordance with Europe quality standard with CE&EAC certification. The plants adopted the top-class components to ensure the running stability and long service life.

Product Features:

1. Easy to Setup and Relocate
Each asphalt mixing plant is designed and built in modular format. The size and weight of each module are within the limits of a standard sized container. Quick installation and delivery. Therefore, the requirement on lifting, hoisting equipment for assembly and disassembly is more flexible. In addition, each asphalt mixing plant module can be transported using standard sized trailer which is commonly available at low cost.
Product Components:

DGX Asphalt Mixing Plant Components
PM Asphalt Mixing Plant Components

1. Cold feeder system

2. Bitumen storage & heating system

3. Dust collecting system

4. Drying system

5. Mixing tower system

6. Filler system

7. Control Room

1. Cold Feeder System

1) Foldable coaming to be loaded into 40‘HC. Quick removable structure of the belt conveyor. Easy maintenance. D&G owned Patent.

2) Extract endless belt with skirt to prevent aggregate from spilling.

2. Drying System

1) The drum with chassis (base plate) can be loaded into a 40'HC.

2) High transmission efficiency with 4 units direct-connection powertrain system.

3)Drying drum with thermal insulation to avoid energy loss.

3. Mixing Tower System

1) Foldable handrails & platforms and stairs are integrated with mixing tower.

2) Elevator are fixed with mixing tower by positioning bolt. Easy to be relocated.

3)Each module can be packed in a 40'HC standard container and trailer. Quick installation and delivery.

4. Weighing System

1) Weighing system adopt 3-points weighing sensor (load cell), signal is directly transmitted to control computer; weighing system has auto compensation function.

2) Secondary intelligent bitumen measurement.

5. Mixer

1) Mixing arms, paddles and liners are made of wear resistant material.

2) Synchronized twin shafts driven by Rossi gearbox.

6. Dust Collecting System

1) Dust collector is placed upon the dryer drum to save space.

2 NOMEX filter bags.

3) Two stages dust collecting system: primary gravity+ bag filter.

4) All handrails can be folded up.

7. Burner

1) ABS burner imported from Italy.

2) Automatic, low noise, less emission, low energy consumption and cost saving.

3) Various fuel available: diesel, coal, heavy oil or natural gas.

8. Control System

1) "DG LEAP" Automatic and manual control can be switched.

2) System configured with Siemens PLC.

9. Vibrating Screen

1) Double vibrating motors.

2) Special designed wear-proof clapboard.

Product Parameters

MODEL-Modular Series
Rated Production Capacity
Cold Feeder Bin
6.5m³ x 4
8m³ x 4 or 5
8m³ x 5 or 6 
Dry Drum Size
Ø 1.8m x 7.5 m
Ø 1.9m x 7.5m
Ø 2.0m x 8.5m
Dust Collector
Primary gravity+ Bag filter
4 or 5
5 or 6
Screening Area
14.88 ㎡ 
13 ㎡
20 ㎡
Hot Bin Volume
18.2 m³
14 m³
20 m³
Mixer Capacity
Control System
DG Leap + PLC
Emission Rank
● Dust Density ≤ 20 mg/Nm³ 
● Cabin Noise ≤ 70 dB
● Ringelmann Blackness Class Ⅰ
● Some specifications / options might not be available in some countries due to local regulations.
● Specifications / options are constantly updated and subject to change.
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