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How to calibrate the Mettler weighing terminal T600?

Update Time:2023/8/10
Enter into the next when press key. Press  key to display [on], and then go into parameters setting menu. On entering the state of parameter setting, [F1] firstly display on displayer.
Start measuring range setting when press  key
For example: 3T scale will be set as 3000(Kg as unit). Set the numerical value to  with the above way. Then press  key for confirmation.
Division value setting , Press  key to choose F1.2 on displaying F1.1  
It is set to 1 if aggregate scale; it is set to 0.1 if filler scale and bitumen scale. And press  key for confirmation. Then press  key to F1.3 for selecting linearity calibration way.
This is to select linearity calibration way. “0” stands for two- point sampling and “1”stands for three-point sampling. We choose “0” here. Then press  key to choose  for scale full calibration.
 of Zero calibration will firstly be seen when press  key.
Then check the impurity and scratch at the round of scale body, if no, press  key to confirm the calibration procedure of weighing terminal. Then  key appears, which means loading calibration.
Press  key to add relevant poise on the scale (400-2000KG for aggregate scale; 40-200KG for filler and bitumen scale), then adjust the corresponding number. The detailed procedure is as following: select digital place through  key, adjust numerical value through  key. (Set 500KG as example) 
Press  key to confirm the calibration procedure of weighing terminal. 
Display as following after calibration , Calibration procedure is over by this.