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How to set up Free Calibration IND320?

Update Time:2023/8/21
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The Free Calibration provides access to the span calculation screen for precalibration of a scale without test weirghts.
The Free Calibration procedure is applicable for normal precision process control,and it’s forbidden in trade settlement status.

1.Access to Free Calibration menu: ‘System Setup’→ ‘Maintenance’→ ‘Free Cal’
2.Enter the load cell capacity and rated load cell output values in the associated fields:
The total load cell capacity should be entered here.For example, for a tank with three 5000 kg cells,cell capacity would be 3 x 5000 kg or 15000 kg.
3.Enter the excitation/response rate (mV/V) of the load cell, the sensitivity of load cell,which is usually included in the nameplate of the load cell.The value is always 2.00000mV/V.
4.Empty the scale, perform [Zero Cal]
5.Calibration OK.