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D&G Machinery Has a Major Role in Construction of Daguang Expressway

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D&G Machinery Has a Major Role in Construction of Daguang Expressway

Issue Time:2022/08/24
Four customers selected the asphalt plants of D&D Machinery to be applied to expansion project of Jikang section of Daguang Expressway, including one DGX5000D, one DGE4500D and two DGE5000D.

It is a profound investment from which the economy, sociocultural structure and tourism will benefit. The size and the importance of the project are huge. To be part of such an important project is very exciting both for me and the whole company. For more than 20 years, we have improved our roadbuilding techniques and engineering, and with this experience and know-how, we will complete the project in due time and with success.

Our daily volume of equipment can reach 6000 tons, the DGX series asphalt mix plant has many benefits: high capacity, precise dosing, an ability to handle a wide range of additives and operator-friendly software that enables recipe storing, statistical reporting and customization.

The plant has large output in a short time and it uses less power. The wearing parts have long life, and therefore reduced maintenance costs. Our management also can remotely connect to the machine to monitor daily operations.