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Buying a Second-Hand Sand Maker: Is Really Cost-Effective?

Buying a Second-Hand Sand Maker: Is Really Cost-Effective?

Dec 11,2023
It's common knowledge that the main reason for buying a second-hand sand maker is to save money, but there are several drawbacks that should not be overlooked.
1. High failure rate, lack of manufacturer's after-sales service, and high maintenance costs.
2. Subpar production results, no guarantee of or quality, leading to high investment risks.
3. High energy consumption, leading to resource waste and high production costs.
4. Poor energy-saving and environmental protection effects, which can lead to pollution.

The purpose of purchasing a sand maker is to earn more profit, so when choosing a sand making machine, you cannot just look at the purchase cost. You also need to understand the equipment's later production cost, maintenance expenses, recovery period, and investment risks. Although a new machine may have a slightly higher initial purchase cost, it has a shorter payback period, better quality and performance, good sand making results, and after-sales service from the manufacturer to safeguard operations, resulting in lower investment risks and guaranteed support in all aspects. Thus, opting for a new machine is more cost-effective.
If you only need to use the sand making machine for a short period, then considering a second-hand sand maker might be viable.
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How to Choose the Right Sand Maker?
Equipment Selection
Firstly, determine your needs, including the raw materials for sand making, production capacity, the desired particle size of the output, and the application field of the finished product.
Secondly, understand the two common working principles of sand makers: "rock on rock" is mainly used for shaping; "rock on iron" is primarily for sand making.

The vertical shaft impact sand maker combines "rock on rock" and "rock on iron," ensuring both production capacity and the particle size of the output. Additionally, it is convenient to replace wear parts and is one of the most commonly used sand makers on the market.
Manufacturer Selection
Different sand maker manufacturers vary in their years of development, strength, after-sales service, prices, and quality. The choice of manufacturer also directly affects the price of the equipment. It is recommended to visit the factory in person, bring materials for testing machines, and choose a manufacturer with strong capabilities and comprehensive after-sales service.