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The technology R&D center of D&G Machinery is at the heart of development of D&G Machinery. It works together with relevant national and provincial government agencies, universities, research institutions of the Ministry and industry management departments to build a national scientific research center.  In addition to undertaking key scientific research projects of the industry and the state, and actively participating in the development of industry standards, the technology R&D center, mainly engaged in the product overall planning and research and development work, is responsible for the independent development, industrial upgrading, new product development and other important tasks of the company's front-end core technology.

Technology research and development center of D&G Machinery has a technical team composed of professional technical talents such as mechanical design, electromechanical control, new materials and new processes, environmental protection and energy saving technology, and domestic and foreign experts as think tanks. What’s more, the technicians with senior professional title account for 40%, and the team presents the characteristics of youth and professionalism. The center mainly consists of R&D department, Technical department, Control system department, Trial and testing department and Process department.


The technology R&D center, equipped with internationally leading software and hardware facilities, adopts advanced computer design systems such as AUTO-CAD, Solidworks, etc.; It has implemented CAPP, PDM, PLM and other product information management systems to realize information sharing and comprehensive utilization of resources. The technology R&D center has established a first-class R&D platform system in China, providing an internationally advanced development and experimental environment for R&D personnel, laying a very solid material basis for technological innovation to ensure that the overall technology level is the forefront of the industry. 

Focusing on the research and development of “energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, and recycling” equipment and processes in China ’s highway construction and maintenance, the Technology R&D Center has actively undertaken provincial, industry, and national key scientific research projects and demonstration projects of major highway construction and maintenance. Relying on the technology research and development center, D&G Machinery has made outstanding achievements in core technological innovation, and the overall level of equipment has been tested and recognized in the market of developed countries with demanding requirements.


The technical innovation of D&G Machinery is built on the "one Institute, one Workstation, three Centers" pattern planned by the enterprise:
  Three‘ Centers’: The first is the Technology Research and Development Center of D&G Machinery, which is the foundation platform of the company's scientific research and technology development; The second is the 'Engineering Technology Research Center': "Hebei Province Green Asphalt Pavement Intelligent Equipment and Process Engineering Technology Research Center" was jointly built by D&G Machinery and Hebei Tsinghua Development Research Institute, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport. An agreement was formally signed on April 17th, 2012, and project cooperation work has started. The third is "Enterprise Technology Center": D&G Machinery and Hebei Tsinghua Development Research Institute, Hong Kong University of science and technology and Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport officially signed an agreement on the joint construction of "D&G Machinery Enterprise Technology Center" on May 18th, 2012, which was to be officially launched in 2013.
  One ‘Institute’ refers to the "Resource Recycling Intelligent Equipment Technology Research Institute" jointly built by D&G Machinery and Hebei Tsinghua Development Research Institute, and the research work of various projects of the Institute has been officially launched.
  One "Workstation" means that D&G Machinery will establish a joint postdoctoral workstation of D&G Machinery with the partner universities to cultivate and reserve talents for the long-term development of D&G Machinery. This work will start next year.
  The "one Institute, one Workstation and three Centers" mentioned above will provide the foundation and guarantee for the overall transition of D&G Machinery from the traditional manufacturing industry to the advanced manufacturing industry of "scientific and technological innovation". D&G Machinery will strive to participate in and make positive contributions to the country's resource recycling and environment protection as well as revitalization of the national manufacturing industry.
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