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DGC Asphalt Mixing Plant

DGC Asphalt Mixing Plant
DGC Asphalt Mixing PlantDGC Asphalt Mixing PlantDGC Asphalt Mixing PlantDGC Asphalt Mixing PlantDGC Asphalt Mixing Plant
CategoriesSOC Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant
BrandD&G Asphalt Plant Manufacturer
Dust CollectorPrimary gravity+ Bag filter
Control SystemDG Leap + PLC
Dust CollectorPrimary gravity+ Bag filter
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeMarch 28,2023
Detail Information
  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • Product Components
DGC Asphalt Mixing Plant140t/h-240t/h

DG Compact series is specialized for the export case that take by sea freight transport. The mix tower and bag house as well as the control room are designed in shipper owned container (SOC)model so that the delivery cost is greatly saved. Besides the feature for easy transport, it keeps the high end produce performance and components select are same to D&G standard series. 
Product Features:

1.SOC (Shipper Owned Container)

The plant is designed in modular concept, we considered about the cost of sea freight and relocation chance in practice case. Foldable handrails &platforms and stairs are integrated with each module. Every module of the equipment is designed in SOC or can be put into 40 feet’s container. For transport locally, every module of plants can be taken by a 16m trailer.
With individual elements precisely selected and professionally configured for shipping container housings, the DG Compact minimizes transportation costs for customers. This design is perfectly integrated into D&G’s core features to guarantee a truly high level of productivity and hassle-free maintenance. Installation and relocation of the plants become further simper and quicker.
Mixing Tower
Bitumen Storage and Heating System

Hot Aggregate Bin


Product Parameters

Rated Production Capacity
Dry Drum Size
Ø 1.9m x 9 m
Ø 2.0m x 9 m
Ø 2.2m x 9 m
Ø 2.5 x 9 m
Dust Collector
Primary gravity+ Bag filter
Hot Bin Volume
21 m³
21 m³
40 m³
40 m³
Mixer Capacity
Mixer Drive Device
Twin-Shafts/ Gear motors
Control System
DG Leap + PLC
Emission Rank
● Dust Density ≤ 20 mg/Nm³
● Cabin Noise ≤ 70 dB
● Ringelmann Blackness Class Ⅰ
● Some specifications / options might not be available in some countries due to local regulations.
● Specifications / options are constantly updated and subject to change.
Product Components

DGC Asphalt Mixing Plant Components

1. Cold feeder system
2. Drying and heating system
3. Dust collecting system
4. Filler system
5. Mixing tower system
6. Hot mix storage bin system
7. Bitumen storage and heating system
DGX asphalt mixing plant
1. Cold Feeder System

1) Adds grid plate at top of each hopper it can screen oversize aggregates.

2)Steel base design, requires no civil foundations (optional).

DGX asphalt mixing plant
2. Mixer

1) Shipper owned container(SOC) modular design. CSC CERTIFICATE

2) Reduce erection cost.

3) With famous transmission components.

DGX asphalt mixing plant
3. Drying System

1) The rolling rings and rollers are applying high strength wear-resisting material.

2) The cylinder adopts stainless steel plate, which gives it high temperature resistance and non-deformability.

3) The drum flights are applied in HARDOX high strength wear-resistance steel to prove long service time.

DGX asphalt mixing plant
4. Dust Collecting System

1) Two stage dust filtration system: primary gravity+ bag filter.

2) Low emission. Ringelmann Blackness ClassⅠ.

DGX asphalt mixing plant
5. Control System

1) "DG LEAP" Automatic and manual control can be switched.

2) System configured with Siemens PLC.

DGX asphalt mixing plant
6. Bitumen Tank

1) Circulating pump to control the bitumen flow.

2) Quantity of bitumen tank is changeable.

3) Electric heating tank is optional.

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