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DGX Asphalt Mixing Plant

DGX Asphalt Mixing Plant
DGX Asphalt Mixing PlantDGX Asphalt Mixing PlantDGX Asphalt Mixing PlantDGX Asphalt Mixing PlantDGX Asphalt Mixing Plant
CategoriesRAP Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant
BrandD&G Asphalt Plant Manufacturer
Mixer Capacity2000-5500kg
Control SystemDG Leap + PLC
Dust CollectorPrimary gravity + Bag filter
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeMarch 28,2023
Detail Information
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  • Product Parameters
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DGX asphalt mixing plant
DGX Asphalt Mixing Plant

DGX asphalt mixing plant adopts the idea of cross model on planning and design, which can realize the conversion of different equipment styles and functions and meet the requirements of different production conditions with each functional module is combined according to different modes. For the need of production, which can be assembled according to its type.

Product Features:

1. One Machine with Multi Type on Demand Combination

2. Top Class Components
For assure the stable and service life of asphalt plant, D&G selected the most famous brand for key components supplier. There are ROSSI MotorIduttori, SIEMENS, SKF, WAMGROUP, ABS and others prestigious supplier included in our supply chain. We always keep pace with the international advanced technology.
NORGREN-Pneumatic Elements
Dupont-Bag Filter
HARDOX- Dryer Drum
SIEMENS-Electric Parts
3. High Productivity
Because of the sufficient capacity of drum\vibrator\mixer, the plant can reach normal productivity easily and even can get more productivity if have the proper raw material supply. 
Mixing Tower:
Drying System:
 The drum flights are applied in HARDOX high strength wear-resistance steel to prove long service time.
 Employing thermal insulating rock wool material that can keep the energy inside, reducing heat loss.
 Multiple-function ABS burner, kinds fuel (gas, oil, diesel, coal) can be chose as required.
4. Customization
Customers can get professional consultation from initial project to model selection phrase from D&G machinery. We provide flexible customized options which can meet various needs of customer.
5. Accurate Measurement
D&G self-developed know-how "AIntelligent bitumen measurement system" ensure the pre-set recipe can be implement with minimum deviation value. In the meantime, the waste of bitumen and other materials are eliminated.
The aggregate weighing hopper 
Secondary Intelligent Bitumen Measurement System
6. Smart Control System
The system configured with Siemens PLC which have 2 cabling configuration options: PROFI-bus and distributed control system. Both mode can assure the signal feedback in Real time without lag off.
Product Parameters


Rated Production Capacity
180 t/h
240 t/h
320 t/h
360 t/h
400 t/h
Cold Feeder Bin
5 x 10m3
5 x 18m3
6 x 18m3
6 x 18m3
6 x 18m3

Dryer Drum Size
Ø 2.2m x 9m
Ø 2.5m x 9m
Ø 2.8m x 12m
Ø 2.8m x 12m
Ø 3.0m x 12m
Dust Collector
Primary gravity + Bag filter
5 or 6

Hot Bin Volume
Mixer Capacity
Control System
DG Leap + PLC
Emission Rank
● Dust Density ≤ 20 mg/Nm³ 
● Cabin Noise ≤ 70 dB
● Ringelmann Blackness Class Ⅰ
● Some specifications / options might not be available in some countries due to local regulations.
● Specifications / options are constantly updated and subject to change.
Product Components

DGX Asphalt Mixing Plant Components
DGX Asphalt Mixing Plant

1. Cold feeder system

2. Dust collecting system

3. Vibrating screen

4. Filler system

5. Control room

6. Mixing tower

1. Cold Feeder System

1) Frequency inverter belt conveyor.

2) Each compartment is equipped with an aggregate shortage alarming device.

3) Belt driving system consisted of Siemens motor+ Bonfiglioli reducer+ SKF bearing.

2. Drying System

1) The drum flights are applied in HARDOX high strength wear-resistance steel to prove long service time.

2) Employing thermal insulating rock wool material that can keep the energy inside, reducing heat loss.

3) Multiple-function ABS burner, kinds fuel (gas, oil, diesel, coal) can be chosen as required.

3. Dust Collecting System

1) Two stage dust filtration system: primary gravity+ bag filter.

2) Frequency control exhaust fan.

4. Control System

1) "DG LEAP" Automatic and manual control can be switched.

2) System configured with Siemens PLC.

5. Bitumen Tank

1) Thick thermal insulation layer on bitumen tanks and pipes, minimal heat loss.

2) Liquid level indicators and thermometers are installed on bitumen tanks; easy for observation and operation.

3) Circulating pump to control the bitumen flow.

6. Vibrating Screen

1) Double vibration motor.

2) Sufficient vibrating force to prove high sieving efficiency.

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