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Jaw Crushing Plant

Jaw Crushing Plant
Jaw Crushing PlantJaw Crushing PlantJaw Crushing PlantJaw Crushing PlantJaw Crushing Plant
CategoriesMobile Crushing Plant
BrandD&G Asphalt Plant Manufacturer
ModelMultiple Models
TypeCrawler Type
Origin PlaceChina
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeJun 16,2024
Detail Information
Jaw crushing plant D&G Machinery manufacturer China
 Jaw Crushing Plant

The jaw crushing plant is a multi-functional integrated framework solution that consists of one or several crushing and screening unit modules. This series mobile stations is particularly suitable for multi-site quarries that require regular equipment movement between different locations. It features a compact structural design, space-saving, foundation-free installation, and significant advantages such as quick relocation and reconfiguration based on construction needs.

Product Features:

1. Robust structure

The frame is divided into two types: welded and assembled. The welded frame has characteristics such as impact resistance, uniform stress distribution, and low failure rate. The assembled frame is designed for more convenient transportation and installation, making it particularly suitable for installation in narrow and difficult-to-transport locations such as underground mines and high-altitude mines.
2.Anti-vibration installation design

The crusher is fixed by dedicated rubber damping devices, which effectively absorb the peak vibrations of the equipment. This arrangement allows for vertical and longitudinal displacement of the crusher, thereby reducing impact on the foundation.
3.Wider applicability

Different specifications of feeding machines, jaw crushers, belt conveyors, and other modular components can be designed according to different production capacities.
4.High Level Automation

The thin oil lubrication system adopts a redundant design with dual oil pumps and dual filters. It allows lubrication to be performed before the equipment starts, providing strong adaptability and easy control. This system effectively extends the service life of components by ensuring proper lubrication.
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