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C.E Certified

Dec 8,2023
C.E Certified
  • Period:
  • Jul 7,2022 - Jul 8,2027
  • No.:
  • M.2012.206.C75319
  • Certification bodies:
  • UDEM International Certification Auditing Inc. Co.



Asphalt  mixing  plants  from  D&G Machinery  are  endorsed  with  CE  Certification, as verified  by  an  Europe an CE  Certification  Body, making  it  the  first  of  it s kin damong  brands  developed  in  China.

These products  fully  meet  relevant  European  Union  requirements in terms  of  health, safety and  environment protection and  are  widely  accepted in  European countries, Japanan d o the international  countries and regions.