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Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant produces HMA in batches in every 40-50seconds

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Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant produces HMA in batches in every 40-50seconds

Issue Time:2020-11-16
The end product of asphalt hot mix plants is the hot mix asphalt which is produced by the various combinations of electrical and mechanical components.

The cold aggregates are dried, heated and mixed with bitumen and minerals in required proportions to produce the hot mix asphalt. There are stationary as well as mobile asphalt hot mix plants which are used based on the requirements. Apart from it, they can also be categorized into two types-asphalt batch mix plants and the more traditional continuous mixing plant. Though both varieties of plants produce the Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), the drum mix plants produce continuous HMA, while the batch mix plants produce HMA in batches.

In the continuous mixing plants, the aggregates are added, dried and mixed with the other ingredients to form HMA, while the Batch mix plants make use of ingredients in the weighed proportions to mix them in a separate pug mill to produce HMA in batches. The continuous mixing drum plants usually occupy less space than the batch mix plants, they are easy to operate and need less effort and energy to run. However, the batch plants offer more flexibility in producing the top quality HMA.

Counter Flow Asphalt Mixing Plant: This plant also produces Hot Mix Asphalt in a continuous process and the functioning is similar to that of the parallel flow asphalt mixing plant, however, the main difference lies with the introduction of the aggregates, which is done in the opposite direction of the burner flame position and hence the name counter flow.

Asphalt Batch Mixing plant: This plant produces HMA in batches in every 40-50seconds. The cold aggregates are fed into the feeders. These are then shifted to the dryer drum by means of a conveyor belt. The dryer drum takes away the moisture in the aggregates and heats it by passing the aggregates from one end to the other through drum rotation. The aggregates then leave the drum from the burner end and fall into the elevator which takes it to the top end of tower unit where the vibrating screens are placed. This is where the aggregates are filtered through different sieve sizes and collected separately into hot bins. The bins send the aggregates as per the batches are set. The quantity of the aggregates can be controlled as per requirement and are pumped into the mixer. Similarly, the liquid bitumen is weighed in appropriate proportions and pumped into the mixer. The material is now ready to be mixed with the help of the twin shaft mixer. The Asphalt Hot Mix plants are available as both -mobile as well as stationary plants. At Vibrant Engineering, we manufacture stationary plant to meet the requirements. We produce, high quality, customized, easy to operate, low maintenance plants for all kinds of road construction works.
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