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DGX Series DGXR4500/DGXR4500D asphalt mixing plant

DGX Series DGXR4500/DGXR4500D asphalt mixing plant

DGX Series DGXR4500/DGXR4500D asphalt mixing plant
DGX Series DGXR4500/DGXR4500D asphalt mixing plantDGX Series DGXR4500/DGXR4500D asphalt mixing plantDGX Series DGXR4500/DGXR4500D asphalt mixing plantDGX Series DGXR4500/DGXR4500D asphalt mixing plant
CategoriesDGX Comprehensive Series
Standard configurationLight oil / heavy oil
Rated capacity320~360 t/h
Filtering area1584 m²
Screen mesh quantity / Screening area6 / 58.7 m²
Place of originChina
Applicationbituminous pavement
Product nameDGXR4500/DGXR4500D
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, T/T
Update Time2022-01-22
Detail Information

Product feature

The use of [ integral type] equipment for the production of reclaimed asphalt mixture has the unique advantages. For users who clearly need to use regeneration, there is no doubt that [integral type] devices will be chosen. Not all users have the demand for regeneration, at least for the time being, regeneration may not be used temporarily. For such users, they often get into a dilemma when selecting equipment. In the end, how to choose: whether to meet current needs and choose [conventional type] first, or choose [integral type] for long-term planning in one step.

As for the equipment that needs to be relocated according to the project, different projects have different requirements for equipment. For example, the demand for regeneration (regeneration mode and addition proportion), requirements for finished product storage bin (whether it is matched, the capacity and the number of compartments), supporting devices to meet the needs of different production processes (such as: Warm Mixing foaming device, additive device, etc.), equipment combination and matching carried out by users according to the needs of the project.

DGX is a product developed in line with the principle of allowing customers to choose more freely and use more flexibly. Modular design makes equipment assembly like [transformers].

Integration by requirements

DGX adopts the idea of cross model planning and design,

functional modules are integrated according to different modesto realize the conversion of different equipment styles and functions,to meet the different requirements for different production conditions.

Multiple function expansion devices are optional

·Regeneration cold drop system

·Reclaiming agent metering adding device

·Warm mix asphalt foaming device

·Powder / particle additive metering adding device  

·Liquid additive metering adding device

Realize various types of mixture production functions

·Conventional hot mix asphalt

·Reclaimed asphalt mixture

·Warm mix asphalt mixture

·Color asphalt mixture

·Special asphalt mixtureSuch as SMA, etc )




Rated Production Capacity

320~360 t/h

Cold feeder bin

Number × Volume

6 × 18 m³ The number of compartments can be customized 

Optional: automatic batching system

RAP cold feeder bin

Number × Volume

2 × 12 m³ The number of compartments can be customized

Virgin aggregate drying 

Diameter × Length

Ø2.8 m × 12 m


Drying capacity

Mixture discharge temperature 160℃(Ambient temperature 20℃)

Moisture content 3%

390 t/h

- Moisture content 5%

330 t/h

Maximum output power of burner

26.7 MW

Fuel type

Standard configurationLight oil / heavy oil  

OptionalNatural gas / pulverized coal

RAP drying system

Diameter × Length

Ø2.2 m × 11 m

Drying capacity

Mixture discharge temperature 140℃(Ambient temperature 20℃)

- Moisture content 5%

160 t/h

Maximum output power of burner

11.2 MW

Fuel type

Standard configuration:Light oil / heavy oil

Optional:Natural gas

Dust removal system

Dust filtering method

(1st stage) Pre-separator +(2nd stageBag filtering 

Optionalfirst-grade cyclone separator

Filter bag quantity

960(480 + 480)

Filtering area

1584 m²

Mixing tower

Screen mesh quantity / Screening area

6 / 58.7 m²

Hot bin quantity/ Overall volume

6 + 1 / 75 m³

Aggregate weighing

2 × 4000 kg(Double-scale

Filler weighing

700 kg

Bitumen weighing

500 kg

RAP weighing

3000 kg

Volume of RAP hot bin 

9 m³

Mixer capacity

5500 kg

Mixer power

2 × 75 kW

Rated mixing capacity

440 t/h

Mixing form

double-horizontal shafts / dual motors / Synchronous reducer

Filler metering/ Feeding mode 

Double frequency conversion screw / compelled and well-distributed feeding design

Bitumen metering/ Feeding mode

Dynamic Secondary measurement /high pressure uniformly spray

RAP metering / Feeding mode

Cumulative measurement of cold and hot RAP / feeding into the mixer directly

Hot mix storage bin

Hot mix storage bin under mixer

Standard configurationsingle-span double compartments 70 (35 + 35) m³
      Optional:Single-span bin or double-span bin or multispan expansion

Storage bin by side


Bitumen system

Standard configuration

Heat conduction oil heating, 50000 liters horizontal asphalt tank (the number of tanks can b


Electric heating system, vertical asphalt tank, tank capacity and quantity can be configured as 

Filler system

Standard configuration

stack-up filler silostorage bin under mixer 100 + 60 m³ / storage bin by side 50 + 80 m³


Additional overhead or floor filler silo or filler elevator

Control system

"DGLeap”fully automatic production management system, laser printer, fully automatic IPC, Touch screen electrical automatic + Manual multiple redundant control system“DGLeap iCloud Remote Service System, Good heat and sound insulation

Environmental standards

Dust density

≦20 mg/Nm³


Ringelmann Blackness Class 1

Noise in control cabin

Ncc ≦70dB

Production standard

Factory standard/ Industrial standard/ National standard/ CE standardTo the highest standards

Optional configuration

Warm mix asphalt foaming device

RAP dryer drum “recycling ring” system 

“Cold drop” regeneration system

Powder / particle additive metering adding device  

Liquid additive metering adding device

Reclaiming agent metering adding device

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