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Additive Injection Systems

Additive Injection Systems

We are a professional Additive Injection Systems (Support Equipment for Asphalt Plants) manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Also we supply OEM service of products for you.
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Why Choose D&G Additive Injection Systems?
1. Our additive injection system has a variety of specifications and configurations, which can be widely applied to different types of asphalt mixing plants.

2. Our additive injection system starts after receiving a signal from the control system, and automatically weighs, doses and adds granules, and has automatic protection and alarm functions for working faults.

3. Our additive injection system adopts the advanced CB4 weighing display and Siemens PLC for easy operation and control.

4. We provide additive injection systems with the most reasonable design and the highest economic benefits, so as to reduce loss, prolong service life and reduce costs, and provide equipment retrofitting service upon customers' requests.

5. We provide customers with after-sales services, including installation and commissioning service, operation and maintenance training, spare parts replacement, and much more.